Favourite Links

Line 6 StageSource P.A. (line6.com/stagesource-pa-speaker)

We can’t imagine anyone not liking this system and the philosophy behind it: clean & transparent sound, flexible in use, easy and quick to assemble and take down, modular & scalable to seriously powerful levels and a mixer with a user-friendly interface that could probably be operated by a one-eyed monkey with a hangover. It makes gigging what it should be: all about the music and not about fiddling with the technology.

Fender Guitars (Fender.com)

We just love Stratocasters, especially for the more bluesy side of our music. Conal has three of these beasts from a Mexican-made Strat (his first electric) to a US Standard (which he calls “Jimmy”) through to his favourite and awesome Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature model.

Shauna keeps the rhythm straight on a Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass and we love the tone and authority that it brings to our music – and she still dreams of a US Standard model in Lake Placid Blue …

Music-Man Guitars (music-man.com)

You can usually tell when the band is about to launch into a flat-out rock number … because Conal reaches for his favourite Music Man Steve Morse Signature Guitar: great guitarist; great guitar.

Chapman Guitars (chapmanguitars.co.uk)

Conal wouldn’t be without “Calvados”: his antique sunburst Chapman ML-2 guitar. He reckons that in terms of “sound per pound” this is probably the best value guitar on the market. He also sees it as a foundation for experimentation and upgrading and has installed the classic Pearly Gates humbucker pickup combination to get more of those Billy Gibbons / Warren Haynes tones.

Victory Amps (victoryamps.com)

The Victory V40 ‘The Duchess’ amp, and its extreme versatility with a wide array of effects pedals, is a key element in Riff Diamond’s guitar sound.

Zilla Custom Cabinets (zillacabs.com)

Hand-made, custom-built guitar cabinets lovingly built by someone who truly cares … all at a very reasonable price. Perfect.

Strymon Pedals (strymon.net)

More expensive than most, but living proof that you get what you pay for! The Tone Monster loves his Mobius and blueSky and would not give them up for anything.

Rafferty Pedals (facebook.com/raffertyguitarpedals)

More hand-built accessories – this time from our backyard in Northern Ireland, Ask nicely and Stevey will even incorporate your own logo on the casing as he did with Conal’s Hot Sauce and Full Metal Hatchet. Ask really, really nicely and he might just build you a one-off custom pedal to your chosen specification … but we’re not supposed to talk about that.

Shure Microphones (shure.co.uk)

The industry standard workhorse microphones and it is easy to see why. ‘Nuff said.

Pearl Drums (pearldrum.com)

John swears by them … and the quality shines through: crisp when they need to be and always solid and authoritative: just what you need in your rhythm section.

Sabian Cymbals (sabian.com)

The band is starting to worry about John’s cymbal addiction and it seems that new ones keep being added …

Riff Trolls Management

Our managers - they told us we have to say we like them.