The Music

Our debut album, Sapphire, comprises the following tracks:
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Shadow Man
Diamond Heart
29 Days
Kick in the Teeth
• Count Me Out
• I Promise You

Love Hate
Whole Lotta Love
Hey Joe

In addition, we are revisiting and re-working some of our early efforts at song writing (such as I Should Know Better by Now) to bring them up to a standard we feel is good enough for public consumption. We also have, at the last count, a further eight (yes: 8!) originals in varying stages of development.

If all goes well, we are contemplating more studio time with a view to releasing a second album around October / November 2016 … we like to think big!!!

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The Scars on My Soul

Welcome to the End of Forever
Coming For Me
Get Out From Under
Live Wire
Ain't Going Anywhere
Street Love
On A Ledge
Blue Man Plays the Whites

I Should Know Better By Now

What with all the Hammers, Joe?
Heart in my Hands
Colour Me Uninspired
Maguire the Liar
No Guarantee
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
Bitter and Twisted

Voodoo Child
(Slight Return)
Morning Star
Mr. Big (Jam)
Smoke on the Water
Sunshine of Your Love
Mannish Boy
• John the Revelator 
• Lonely Boy
• Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
• Blue on Black

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Live Music: Blues / Rock in Northern Ireland

In the meantime, we will be continuing to perform live and focusing on getting bigger gigs in the main centres such as Belfast, Dublin and maybe even further afield: watch this site and/or join our mailing list to be kept informed. We hope to see you at one of our gigs in the near future. If you like smokey, almost calescent, vocals, towering guitar solos and virtuoso playing, then give us a try: we think you'll love Riff Diamond.

If you can’t get to any of our gigs, you can still get to hear our music through the albums and tracks available for digital download or in physical CD or vinyl LP form: just visit our web Shop on this site to see what is on offer.

Classics & New Creations

Most of our songs are originals that we write ourselves, but we also do a few covers (always with our own Riff Diamond twist) and new versions of classic songs. Our repertoire ranges from early blues through to 1960s and 1970s classic blues and on to modern innovations with guitar themes that variously show influences of Hendrix-style pyrotechnics, Gilmour-esque subtlety, Clapton-style emotion and SRV’s electrifying energy to name a few.

Our songs explore a wide range of themes, but we are firmly rooted in the blues tradition, so most of our lyrics are about life, heartbreak, soul-searching and troubles.

We're not here to make a statement and there are no gimmicks or wacky styles – just great music played by talented musicians.

Brought Together by Music

You don't often hear this kind of music these days, but it has a broad appeal and music fans of all ages connect with our sound. Audiences love the musical virtuosity on display and we have performed for everyone from teenagers to people in their 80s. Even within the band, there's a wide range of ages and musical tastes. Our youngest member is 15 while our oldest is 42, but everyone is united in their love of music and, hey, the blues recognises no boundaries...

CDs, Vinyl & Downloads

Hear our music for yourself. We offer CDs, vinyl LP records and digital downloads. You can download an individual song or buy our album at a great price.

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Show your love of blues / rock with great merch from Riff Diamond. We sell T-shirts and headgear at the moment through the ‘Shop’ section on this site.

We’re only starting out in this area, so we don’t have a large range but it will grow over time – sign up to the mailing list to be kept informed of developments.